Club History

The Macedon Football & Netball Club is based in Macedon, 61km from Melbourne. It was founded in 1887 and was an original member of the Riddell District Football League (RDFL) and is proud to continue to be a club member.

Macedon Cats has entered the Premiership four times:

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Riddell District Football League

1975, 2017

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Gisborne District Football League


Our Heritage

This article was published in the Gisborne Gazette in June 1892 about a match: Gisborne v Macedon:

“The first match of the season was played on the Macedon Football Ground between Gisborne & Macedon Clubs on Saturday. The game started at 3.30pm, James Nicholls acted as central umpire. The Macedon skipper won the toss & elected to kick with the wind. The ball was bounced, Macedon very soon was in the ascendancy & carried the ball into the south eastern corner, from which a behind was the result. Kicked off by Gisborne, a lot of centre play & several scrimmages & then Ben Peterson received a mark 60 yards from goal & by a beautiful effort, sent the ball through the posts amidst much applause. The feat of kicking the goal such a great distance with a high wind blowing, was a creditable performance. Off again it was once more, carried down to the goal, where the Gisborne back players had their work cut out to defend the goal & which they did for a time until J Colliery took a mark & punted another goal for Macedon. Immediately afterwards, time was called.

On the change of ends, Gisborne played better & kicking with the wind, kept Macedon defending their goal & after a lot of out-of-bounds play, scored a good goal for Gisborne. After a little more desultory play, half time was called, the scores then being Macedon 2 goals, 5 behinds; Gisborne 1 goal & 3 behinds.

After the teams had a replenisher, play resumed & Macedon kept Gisborne on the defensive during the third quarter, kicking two more goals. One of the goals kicked by Dangerfield was anything but a goal, but as the goal umpire had given it, it had to remain. J Quaife kicked Macedon’s fourth goal from a free kick. Ends being changed for the last quarter, Gisborne once more kicked with the wind, but was unable to add any more goals to the score.

Hughes, Mullins & Gardiner played very well for the Gisborne team as did Quaife brothers, Dangerfield, Colliery and Watson for Macedon. Umpiring was performed in a satisfactory manner.

After the match, the teams then adjourned to the Victorian Alps Hotel, where a sumptuous repast was prepared for the visitors. After dinner Mr B O’Hare, Macedon Captain congratulated the teams on the absence of rough play. Mr Morand, the Gisborne Captain replied in a few well chosen words.”