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Ciara Stewart

Ciara holds a Netball Coaching development accreditation, is a Primary School teacher and a mother of two beautiful girls Millie and Piper. She has been the head coach of Macedon Football Netball Club since 2016 and has coached both the A grade and B grade teams to a final finish since being with the club. Ciara’s greatest achievement is coaching and playing in the 2018 Premiership A grade team.

Macedon Cats A grade featured in a grand final in 2016 losing by just the1 goal, a preliminary final in 2017, won the premiership flag in 2018 and lost the grand final by 1 goal again in 2019. The same core 8 players have played in every grand final team, as Ciara has managed to retain these players who began playing with the club since 2016.

The success continued with the Macedon B grade team finishing in the top 3 since 2016 and making the grand final in 2017 and 2018. Unfortunately, the good fortune was not to be and the girls walked away runners up. Ciara devotes a lot of her time to netball and has made many good friends through her involvement with PV Comets and Macedon Cats. Her commitment to player development, team work and success is what makes her the coach we want at Macedon FNC.   

  • MCFNC A & B Grade Coach 2016 – Present
  • RDFNL interleague 2017
  • Winchelsea FNC 2012 – 2015
  • PV Comets Rep team Division 1 2002 – Present
  • RDFNL Coach of the year 2016
  • RDFNL Team of the year 2016
  • RDFNL Ryan Medallist MVP 2016
  • RDFNL Coach of the year 2017
  • RDFNL Senior Netball Interleage Coach 2018
  • RDFNL Premiership A grade 2018
  • Parkville Premier League Premiers Division 1 2019
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Leanna Alli

Leanna is an extremely funny, friendly and determined netball coach. Previously coaching C grade and under 19’s, this year Leanna takes on the role of co-coaching C grade, and being the assistant coach of A and B grade. In 2016 Leanna had coaching success taking the under 19’s to a grand final birth but just fell short of that trophy going down by 5. She also coached our C grade team as far as the 2nd Semifinals. Her assisting role in A grade was instrumental to the teams success and we hope that that continues this year. Leanna has also been selected to play for Macedon’s A grade side but is yet to take the court as she is still recovery from an ACL injury. Leanna’s history includes:
  • RDFNL Macedon Cats C grade and under 19’s coach.
  • Premiership Runners up in the under 19’s and C grade 2nd Semi finalist
  • GDFNL Netball A grade Semi-Finalist player
  • Parkville Premier League Division 1 finalist player
  • GDFNL- Netball A grade Preliminary finalist player
  • Marlin Coast Marlins – Queensland State representative team player
  • North Cairns Football Netball Club. (A Grade player, Co-coordinator, Coach)
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Jo Gooch

Jo continues her position on the committee in the important role of Netball Operations Manager this season, helping support the girls on and off the court. One of those girls is Jo’s daughter Amy, herself a promising player coming through the ranks of the club’s successful netball program. Jo is a perfect fit for the role, with her approachable nature and passion for integrating the netballers into the club, traits which are respected by all involved at the club. Jo lives and works locally and is driven by the community involvement that the club is developing.
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Glenn Williams

You will spot Glenn on the sidelines every match as the netball club’s statistician. With a clipboard and pen in hand, Glenn’s reports are valuable to each grade in keeping track of each mistake and triumph and dissects every game to make room for improvement.

Glenn comes with plenty of credentials:

  • Intermediate Coaching Accreditation (Netball Victoria 2014)
  • Junior domestic coach (north eastern suburbs 5 years, Diamond Creek NC, Macleod NC, Deep Creek NC).
  • Northern Netball League: Head coach for Hurstbridge FNC, coach and assistant coach for Greensborough FNC, Northcote Park FNC, Heat NC and Bundoora Bulls FNC.
  • VNL: Peninsula Waves Statistician
  • Premier League Tues: Heights NC coach, Plenty Valley Comets assistant coach and statistician.
  • RDFNL: Macedon Cats FNC assistant & training coach.

Supporting Staff

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Nellie Wilson

Nellie Wilson joins us while recovering from an ankle injury as the 2017 coach of the under 19’s. Having spent time coaching and assisting over our preseason Nellie was excited to take on the coaching role this year. Nellie has played netball since she was a young girls and has dabbled at coaching over this time. Returning to PV Comets Nellie focused on playing in division 2 and being a starting 7 player for our B grade Macedon team. We are extremely lucky to have such a good club person, player and coach on our team.
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Jenni Huggins

Jenni Huggins is new to the club and brings a great attitude and always sees the positives in players performances. She has been assisting Ciara over the past 2 years in the Premier league competition for PV Comets in Division 1 and 2 after officially retiring from the sport with bad knees. She has spent many years coaching her daughter at a domestic level and is ready for a new challenge. Jenni also made a cameo last year assisting on the bench for Macedon Cats A grade grand final.
  • Parkville Premier League Division 1 PV Comets Assistant Coach of Division 1 and 2. Premiership Runners up Division 1
  • Parkville Premier League Division 1 PV Comets Assistant Coach of Division 1 and 2. Finalist Division 1