Coterie Memberships

Coterie Membership

Join us in building our Macedon Cats Coterie in 2023 

“Traditionally, our Coterie members are considered to be amongst the most dedicated, enthusiastic and supportive members of the Club” “Connect with others who share your interests and passions” “Coterie Membership is ideal for both individuals and corporates. It is also flexible to suit different attendance levels” “Some people enjoy coming to the Club, not so much to see the Football and Netball but to enjoy a day out, connect with other community members in a friendly environment – and at the same time, make a contribution towards an important community club.” 

Macedon Cats Senior Football Netball Club has been a Premiership Club in many respects
in recent years. The Club continues to be the club of choice for many players with the emphasis
placed on a great culture, being be a safe place for young adults to hang out and strong
coaching values. For the first, the club is fielding a women’s football team in the local RDFNL
competition. The supporting factor has been strong planning and investment in great facilities with
“state of the art” football & netball lights, the electronic scoreboard, and playing surface. Many of
these developments have resulted from the Coterie’s input and support.
This year, the Coterie is seeking to regroup with an exciting program of events, designed to tell
local stories, share some camaraderie…. And have some fun! – Please join us.

Download the application form – Click here


  • Attendance at 3 out of 4 events
  • Able to invite 3 guests to events (at regular cost)*
  • Gold Coterie Membership
    Silver Coterie Membership

    SILVER COTERIE - $500 Inc. GST


    • Attendance (including meals and limited alcohol) at 2 out of 4 events
    • Able to invite 1 guest to events that you attend
    • Lower cost participation


    Attendance at 1 event (subject availability)

    Coterie membership $1000 Inc. GST

    • Entry into all MFNC home games during the 2023 Season
    • Entry into 3 Coterie Lunches/Dinner during the season

    Coiterie Membership $1000 Inc. GST

    Coterie Memberships include the following for 2 people: 

    • Entry into all 8 MFNC home games during the 2023 home and away season 
    • Entry into 3 Coterie Lunches/Dinners during the season includes premium speaker, 3 course meal and drinks (one function will be a Ladies Day) 
    • Right to welcome additional guests for $100 per person. 2 membership cards