Round 1: Macedon V Riddell - A Grade

Round 1: Macedon V Riddell - A Grade

Macedon (41) V Riddell (35)
Team List: 

There were a lot of nerves on the court but it didn’t show with how we started. We started the game sharp and played with real determination. Riddell tried to play a variety of defensive plays on us but we were connected enough to work out a way around their defence through patience and team work.

The attacking line up stayed the same for the full 60 minutes as the connection and
strategic ball placement was making it very hard for Riddell to break. Although at times
there were a few miscommunications and bad umpiring calls, everyone manned up and worked hard to get the ball back.

Our goaling end worked well to use the space in the goal ring and with the support and
back up of our feeders, Chloe and Ciara were able to get the ball in a good shooting
position and put the ball up.

The defensive end was tight playing with a clear game plan of man on man defence. This
gave us the edge and wore down a tired Riddell attack line up. Riddell’s mid court were
kept out wide and the holding goaler was forced to hold from behind, giving Katie the
front position. The GS had a brain fade and Katie and Bec took advantage of the missed
goals and with strong rebounding gave us the extra opportunities to score.

We did let a 10-goal lead slip to 6 but we had control of the game for the full 60 minutes giving us the 4 points and the win.

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