What a day! The conditions made for a hard day on the court and on the field but overall it was a successful one with a mix of both wins and losses for Macedon Cats.


The rainy weather meant Netball had to fight on a wet court but that didn’t stop them from killing the game. All grades apart from C grade got the win! In their first loss for the season the lead changed a number of times until Diggers in the last quarter got up by 6.

Football had a rough start with reserves backman Harrison Shipp leaving the ground early with a serious arm injury. Unfortunately, their day did not improve. The highlight of the day was seniors fighting from 4 goals down at half time to win in a physical and skilful contest. Karl Staudt was vital in the midfield with an impressive tackle count of 13, 6 of which were in the last quarter alone. What an achievement!


Under 19s 47 def 17
C grade 19 def by 25
B grade 34 def 24
A grade 41 def 32


Reserves 0.0.0 def by 12.10.82
Seniors 11.12.78 def 8.5.53

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