Round 14: Macedon Vs Romsey U19s

Round 14: Macedon Vs Romsey U19s

Macedon 26 Won 9 Romsey

We had a really strong defensive game but unfortunately struggled to keep possession. 

We kept Romsey scoreless in the first quarter with 12 recoveries. We had plenty of opportunity but bad feeds and bad passes kept our score to 6.

In the second quarter we made a change to our attack to end to create more of a moving circle. This helped open up both goalers and increased our volume.

In the third quarter we kept the line up but the amount of recoveries decreased. A change to Romsey’s goal circle made us chase them around and not dictate to deny them the position. 

In the last quarter we really struggled. Poor positioning, poor feeding, poor decision making. It was a very uncharacteristic quarter but one we won’t dwell on. Let’s focus on developing our game at training. 


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