Round 17: Macedon Vs Rams C Grade

Round 17: Macedon Vs Rams C Grade

Macedon 30 DEF Rams 21

Top of the table clash as our last home game for the season and what an incredible game it was. We started the game with Allira and Sheridan in defence. Janayah, Abbey and Steph in the middle, and last week’s most effective goaling combination of Susan and Shanae in attack. We started goal for goal, but intercepts from Sheridan and Abbey gave us extra opportunities. Steph dominated on the feeds and Susan assisted the majority of goals with smart and strategic feediing into Shanae. Our goals were effective, only letting one goal escape the circle while our defenders were just as strong on the rebound; getting two extra recoveries for us. This gave us a 5 goal run in the middle of the quarter to help us take the lead at the break. We were up 9-5. In the second quarter, we welcomed Nellie back to the court after her amazing trip. This shifted Shanae back to goal shooter where she remained unstoppable. We started with 3 goals from Shanae before Rams had their first consecutive goals for the game. We had one goal before they had their second 2 goal run. We stopped this with our sensational whole court pressure. All 7 players had intercepts, gains and tips but special mention to Allira with 3 intercepts and Janayah with 2. We had a 3 goal run which Rams tried to combat with 2 different positional changes during the quarter. We started the slow up in attack so made one change with Janayah moving into centre and injecting Georgie in WD. We replied with 4 goal run to end the quarter. We went into half time up 20-10. Our third quarter, we kept the same line up who were performing so well. Unfortunately errors began creeping into our game. Rams box defence began pushing us wide and as a result we turned over a lot of ball. We had 8 turnovers in our attack end which brought Rams back into the game. Sheridan came to life with an incredible 5 intercepts to help us fight off Rams. We never let them get more than 2 goals in a row but unfortunately our attacking and defensive work dried up. Nellie had all feeds and assists this quarter while Sheridan had all of the recoveries. We went into our final quarter up by 8. It was always going to be tough to fight off Rams and we had to adjust if we wanted to keep them at bay. Abbey re-entered at WA. We shared the feeding amongst all four attackers and gained ball from our C through to GK. Our goalers only missed one shot but Rams were flawless in goals with 100% effectiveness. This win puts us top of the ladder with Woodend the only thing inbetween us and a minor premiership. 

Best on Sheridan with 8 intercepts, 3 gains, 2 rebounds and 2 tips.

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