Round 5: Macedon Vs Melton Centrals - U19s Grade

Round 5: Macedon Vs Melton Centrals - U19s Grade

Macedon 19 Lost 38 Melton Centrals

Melton got out to a quick start with a 5 goal run. We didn’t adapt to the wind and persisted with some wild passes. We ended up with some some rebounds and gain which brought it back to 7-6 at quarter time.


We made some changes in our defensive end and mid-court to add more pressure to Melton. Despite the turnovers and lack of chase for loose balls, we were able to win the quarter by 1, going into half time a draw.


Our third quarter was one to forget. We lead straight into congested space, hesitated on the pass and kept trying to same pass to the same drive, resulting in excessive turnovers. We only had 3 attempts at goal because of this and could not shut down Melton’s attack. 


In the fourth quarter we maintained more possession but we’re still costly. We were able to delay Meltons’ attack and won back some ball in the midcourt. 

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