Round 6: Macedon Vs Romsey- U19s Grade

Round 6: Macedon Vs Romsey- U19s Grade

Macedon 25 Won 10 Romsey

It was good to get another win on the board but unfortunately, we are coming into facing an in-form Woodend on the back of three bad performances.

Our goaling was still not good, with 25 goals, 21 misses, 54% accuracy, with few recoveries. Although we had 25 intercepts we were costly with our defenders throwing 8 bad passes. 

We coughed up a lot of ball with coach killers including 4 steps, 2 breaks and 2 off-sides. 

We had a goal to keep Romsey below 11 and although they had a 4 goal first quarter our defensive pressure tightened as the game advanced and we were able to meet this goal. Our circle defenders were tremendous at recovering 13 of 17 Romsey goal misses or 75%.

Let’s bring this same defensive form into our upcoming matches and continue to build on our attack. 


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