Round 7: Macedon Vs Woodend-Hesket- B grade

Round 7: Macedon Vs Woodend-Hesket- B grade

Macedon 40 Won 25 Woodend-Hesket

We started the first quarter as we had hoped. We were a power house in defence and sleek in our attack. We were missing Demi F again this week, so we knew that our attack end would take a little time to adjust to Alek in WA. Our centre passes were easy to get off as Woodend played a zone in our goal third and the second phase wasn’t much of a challenge either. The goalers moved around a tall floating Woodend defensive end and still managed to put up 15 goals. Scoring the first 5 in the quarter gave us the confidence in the attack that we needed.

Uncompromising defence meant that Woodend had very little opportunity to score. We recovered 6 intercepts, 4 gains and a rebound. All this pressure affected Woodend accuracy and they shot under 50% in the first quarter. We had a 9-goal lead heading into the 2nd quarter.

We made a change in the attack end bringing Nellie on into GS and moving Georgia into WA. Changes were made to reduce the attacking turnover and to hopefully increase the movement in our goal third. This was not overly successful with 10 turnovers in 12 minutes but the goals did keep on coming. We shot 10 goals from 12 attempts.

Our defence just kept on giving- 5 team intercepts, 7 gains, 3 rebounds and 7 deflections. Woodend’s WA was no match for Dels in WD. She recovered 4 clean balls and then contributed to our attack.  I couldn’t ask for much more.  22-9 heading into the second half.

We didn’t clean up too much in our turnover account with 4 coach killers being added to the list. We struggled in our attack with the feeds coming through Alex in WA. Our goaling took a dive with both goalers shooting at 50% (6 from 12 attempts).  Defensively we stayed strong with 6 intercepts, 3 gains and 6 tips. Our circle defenders were on fire. Bella had 3 tips, 2 gains, 1 intercept, a rebound and kept her GA to 62%. Aleigha also had 3 tips, 1 gain, 1 intercept and a rebound. She did an amazing job keeping her shooter to 66%. We lost the third quarter 6 to 9.

We made up for a shaky 3rd quarter with a quality finish. Centre passes were thrown accurately to our WA and Alex dominated the feeds into the goalers. Assists were shared, and as our confidence grew we became so did the score line. We converted 11 of our 17 attempts.


Demi Young in C was relentless in both attack and defence. In the last quarter of playing centre for 36 minutes, she still managed 3 intercepts, 1 rebound and a gain. Aleigha wasn’t too far behind with 3 intercepts, 1 gain, 1 rebound and a tip. We had a solid finish, winning the game by 15 goals. 

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