Round 8: Macedon Vs Western Rams B Grade

Round 8: Macedon Vs Western Rams B Grade

Macedon 56 Won 24 Western Rams

We were judging the type of game to expect from the Rams based on the Rams C grade performance. We thought we were going to be in for a very tough game. Within a very short time we realised that The Rams played a sagging style of defence and we knew how to beat this. Our attacking line schooled the Rams with extremely quick ball movement and very fast attacking play. When The Rams did break through on their centre pass, they quickly came to grief with Dels long arms, Demi Y closing speed and Bella and Aleigha’s defensive pressure in the circle. We had a very dominant quarter with a 19 – 3 first quarter.

With such a great first quarter it was important that we kept the same 7 on the court in order to show that we could maintain the intensity and push through until half time. Georgia and Sami were fed extremely well from Demi Y and Demi F and this allowed them to take a steady shot with very little pressure. The Rams GK did have a great stretch over our shot but G and Sami’s confidence was up, so it had little effect on us this week.

Dels and Demi did some seamless positional swaps on their centre pass and while Bella stayed tight on the GA. The Rams found it very hard to deliver the ball to an uncontested player and when they did they were under a lot of pressure. Bella and Aleigha covered high and low balls and took countless intercepts in their goal ring.  We kept them to scoring just 6 goals while we knocked up 18 more goals. 37 – 9 first half and we were ready to push on.

Georgia took the court in WD, Dels switched into GD and Nellie came on into WA. We became a little complaisant in attack, but this could be expected considering the score line. Our goals stopped dropping and accuracy was slipping. We took a few more chances but we were doing it at the right time.

Our defensive line took a bit to get use too as Dels likes to sit back a bit more than Bella. Aleigha and Dels got lots of deflections that caused some confusion but somehow The Rams still got hands to ball, not often but it fell into their hand. The Rams put the shot up and we pounced on any opportunity to recover a ball.  The Rams were kept to only 5 goals and we were out to a 34-goal lead.

We unfortunately lost the last quarter 8 – 10, which is disappointing but a very solid 3 quarters and an exceptional 1st quarter- I can’t complain too much. I wasn’t around to see the last quarter as I was warming up but lets just put it down too, we had a bit of fun in the last quarter. A 58 -24 goal win, who can complain about that.



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