Round 8: Macedon Vs Western Rams U19s

Round 8: Macedon Vs Western Rams U19s

Macedon 26 Lost 39 Western Rams

We had a goal this game and we definitely met our target. In the first quarter, we wanted 5 recoveries from our WD, GD and GK. We excelled with this aim, with 10 recoveries well distributed with 3 from Tamika, 3 from Sheridan and 4 from Dacey. Where we struggled was the transition down the court with 11 bad passes from 5 of our players. 

In our second quarter, we halved the number of turnovers with only 6. We also had half the recoveries this quarter but more from Ava in C. This being said, Rams had a strong quarter only missing 2 shots which they rebounded. We needed to shut down their feeders into goals before expecting our GK and GD to shut down two strong and tall goalers. We came into half time only down by 6, AMAZING, considering the volume we had turned over early on.

Our third quarter, was definitely our downfall, losing this quarter by 6 goals. We had fumbles, offsides, breaks, bad passes. A total of 12 turnovers again. This time Rams capitalised on that. Very disappointing to let a close score line break open like it did.

Our last quarter, was redemption. Only going down by the 3 goals. Defenders cleared half of Rams misses. We had only 4 bad passes this quarter which is definitely what we want all quarters to start winning some games. We had clear and sharp drives in attack and more confidence to realise the high balls to Eliza. 

A great bounce back from last week. Rams should be very nervous the next time we play them. 


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