Round 10: Macedon Vs Lancefield A Grade

Round 10: Macedon Vs Lancefield A Grade

Macedon 62 Won 44 Lancefield

As we hit the back end of the season we will be thankful for the win, take some learnings from the game and work hard to improve our individual and whole team performance.

We played the first 15 minutes with intent. Although our starting 7 included a new addition (Ash) we knew what our role was and how to execute it. We shot at 100% making the most of every defensive ball that our team won. All 4 players were involved in our center passes as Lancefield’s wall required us to be a bit more creative than usual. We turned over the ball with poor pass execution but played hard one on one defence to win it back. Janelle and Karlee’s pressure out front (our shield) won 6 balls back before Katie got a look in in keeper. Lancefield was shooting accurately which could prove to be a problem as the game progressed but a 6-goal run ensured we had some breathing room. We had a 6-goal lead 16 -10.

Alex came on in WD and Chelsea took the familiar WA position for the second quarter. We started very poorly and Lancefield got 4 goals on the board to our 1. We were very costly in our attacking line up and gave up 6 balls in what is normally a dominate position for us. Goaling remained accurate with just the 1 miss but supply was drying up.

We were heavily penalised for contacts this quarter and not staying in play meant that Lancefield had ‘a free pass’, this is something we will address at training. Our recoveries were decent (7) but didn’t undo our turnovers (12) and this gave Lancefield a chance to recoup some goals. A poor 2nd quarter performance and we had lost a clear lead and was winning by just the 2 goals.  26 -24

Shanae came into GK, hoping that the height would give us an advantage over a holding GS. This did have some impact as Shanae had 5 recoveries. Our whole court defensive pressure (outside the ring) slacked off with only an additional recovery came from Hayley in center.  Lancefield GS shot 9 of the 10 goals on their score board and only missed the 2 goals, but Shanae and Janelle made sure that the rebound didn’t end up back in their goalers hands.

Our turnovers were back in the ‘too high’ category with another 7 to add to the total. We are becoming costly in our attack end. Lucky for us we have a goaler that shot accurately from anywhere. Chloe was supplied ball from all 3 feeders and shot 15 from 15. With a few goaling runs in the 3rd quarter we shot 18 to Lancefield’s 12.

Katie came back on the court in GK after spending a quarter watching Lancefield’s GS. Katie had a great quarter with 4 tips, 2 gains, 3 intercepts and 2 rebounds, depriving Lancefield of the ball. Janelle spoilt the ball out front with 3 deflections an intercept and a rebound. Defensive players were doing their jobs, it was now up to the attackers to finish up.

Like the other 3 quarters we were costly in attack. 7 bad passes wasting a lot of the hard work out back. When we did work hard for the ball and push through the middle, the ball eventually hit the circle edge and again our goalers finished off. Accurate goaling, high supply and a 7 goal run to finish the game out meant that we pushed out and won the game with an 18 goal lead. 

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