Round 11: Macedon Vs Melton Centrals U19s

Round 11: Macedon Vs Melton Centrals U19s

Macedon 25 Won 22 Melton Centrals

The last time we came up against Melton it was a tough 19 goal loss. We went out today trying to reduce our turnovers but get more recoveries. We welcomed Morgan and Izzy is to the team.


Our first quarter, we started with a traditional line up. We had 11 costly turnovers which allowed Melton to get a 4 goal lead. 


We made changes to our defence and attack in an effort to reduce turnovers and shut down their GA. We applied lots of pressure down the court to win ball back but still had 9 bad feeds into goalers. We won the quarter by 4 to equalise it at the major break.


We applied direction in the third quarter, fixed our feeds into goalers and continued to win ball back. We put pressure on Melton, getting intercepts and gains. We had a 6 goal run taking us into three quarter time up by 7.


Our last quarter, we kept the same line-up with a very strong finish. We had low turnovers, high gains, and continued to transition the ball with ease. We finished the game up by 16. A 37 goal turnaround from our last performance against Melton. 


We will continue to consolidate our feeding, holds and transition at training this week as it made a massive difference in our game this week. 

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