Round 10: Macedon Vs Lancefield U19s

Round 10: Macedon Vs Lancefield U19s

Macedon 51 Won 17 Lancefield

Our opening quarter against Lancefield looked like we hadn’t played in two weeks…which we hadn’t. We were scrappy down the court with uncharacteristic fumbles, breaks and offsides. In defence, we were very loose and allowed them to score with ease. 

Our second quarter, we made some changes in defence with Eliza and Eloise joining the mix. 

We kept Lancefield to two goals this quarter which much tighter bodies and quick feet to confuse space. With any new line up there were some teething issues and miscommunication transitioning the ball out. 

In the third quarter, we welcomed Billie into goals without a hiccup. We were able to use our vision down the court to efficiently score. Although the scrappiness of the game continued we lost the opportunity to open up the score line.

Our final quarter, we experimented with positioning. Although we clearly performed better in our speed, leads and defence we fumbled and mis-threw balls in an effort to pass the ball as quickly as possible. We won by a very healthy 37 goals but there are plenty of opportunities to build in the coming weeks


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