Round 9: Macedon Vs Wallan A Grade

Round 9: Macedon Vs Wallan A Grade

Macedon 25 Won 38 Wallan

This match report is no a fun one to write and the result of the game did not at all go as expected. We simply did not turn up on the day and we suffered the consequence.

The 10 lessons to learn for this game

  1. Preparation is the key. No training the week before the game.
  2. We cannot be complacent. Warm up needs to be the same every week no matter who we play or who is in our team.
  3. 41 turnovers will automatically take a team out of a game.
  4. 7 contact penalties against our attackers means that we have a ball stripped from our hands before we even get a chance to put the shot up. We have to adjust to the body and use our footwork.
  5. 3 held ball and 2 steps are pressure possessions that we put ourselves under. We need more than 1 lead at EVERY ball.
  6. 44 contact penalties against us, means that we didn’t stay in play or adjust to our umpires. Our tight defensive pressure may have been slow and we didn’t play off the body when we needed to.
  7. 39 recoveries that we just threw away. Unless we double our turnovers with recoveries, we are never in a fighting chance of pegging the score back. We need uncompromising defence from all players on the court.
  8. Wallen rebounded 10 of their missed shots. Unless we make them pay for their misses they simply increase the margin.
  9. We need 2 goalers being present and taking control of the goal third and both goalers need to be putting up shots.
  10. We need to be UNCOMPROMISING! We need to ATTACK THE GAME! And we need to PLAY WITH HEART AND PASSION! Do this right and we will bounce back and win our next game.
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