Round 11: Macedon Vs Melton Centrals B grade

Round 11: Macedon Vs Melton Centrals B grade

Macedon 36 Won 16 Melton Central 31

Without Sammy in our team we seem to be having trouble releasing the ball and valuing possession. We started really strong scoring the first 4 goals but quickly faded away with inaccurate shooting and off the ball contact penalties (2). We seem to be having trouble protecting the shot for our other goaler and taking the pressure off each other when feeding the ball into our goalers.

Our back-line defence was held up by the shield up front. Demi and Dels slowing the ball delivery to their goalers and Aleigha and Bella working overtime to deprive a young goaler and a very experienced goaler the ball. Bell rebounded 3 missed shots and had 2 gains and Aleigha intercepted 2 balls and had a gain. Melton’s goaling wasn’t great and they were kept to 7 goals from 12 attempts.  The game was still very tight but we had a 2-goal lead 8-6.

A change in the goal ring with C grade goaler Amy coming on into GS and Georgia moved out to GA. If we were going to keep our lead we needed to be more accurate in our goal ring. Goaling accuracy only slightly improved shooting 10 from 16 attempts, but we managed to rebound 2 missed goals making up for the 6 misses.  3 coach killing lost balls again (step, not in the centre circle and a contact penalty) and we were making it harder than what it needed to be.

We stayed clean in front line defence but back in keeper we were being called for too many on ball contacts, meaning we were not staying in play.  We had 5 gains and 2 rebounds, keeping us in play. Melton’s experienced GA didn’t make the same mistake as the first quarter and shot 5 from 5 but their GS was having trouble shooting 5 from 8. Although Aleigha was costly in defence, her physical presence on the young shooter put her off her shots. We managed to keep our small lead 18 -16.

Georgia came into WD for the second half and the other 6 players kept their position. We cleaned right up in attack with an impressive 2 bad passes for the quarter. Unfortunately goaling remained our biggest issue scoring 10 of our 17 attempts.

Our distance was good, with not a single obstruction but we did have 10 contacts. The contacts were well timed and let Melton know that we were there in the contest. Demi killed it with 4 intercepts a gain and a tip- showing Melton that they had to get it past here first.  Melton goaled well when they had the chance (5 from 6) but we deprived of so much ball and we had pushed out to a 7 goal lead 28-21.

In our last quarter we threw away the most amount of ball with 6 turnovers. Our attackers were responsible for all 4 bad passes and the 2 coach killers. The service to the goalers was impacted by the turnovers and supply slowed down. This was our most accurate goaling quarter with 8 from 9 attempts.

Our defenders were very heavily penalised with 16 contacts for the quarter. We need to clean this up and make sure that we are staying in play and not giving our opposition a 2 on one advantage. We didn’t have too many gains with just the 3 intercepts and 2 gains. Melton had more opportunity to score than us in this quarter with 10 goals from 12 attempts.   A very hard fought out last 5 minutes of the game and we walked away with the 4 points.

There are a few things that we will address are training this week –

  1. Our goaling accuracy.
  2. Passing and standing still and watching the game.
  3. Cleaning up on the contest.
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