Round 11: Macedon Vs Melton Centrals C grade

Round 11: Macedon Vs Melton Centrals C grade

Macedon 39 Won 16 Melton Centrals

Light rain, slippery surface at times. Clean handling in the conditions for Q1 with goalers letting only 1 miss escape and full court defence creating a handful of recoveries, 7 goals up. 

Hardly a turnover in Q2 and good pressure in causing Melton to give up the ball on 4 ctr re-starts, 13 goals in front. 

A few feeding issues in Q3 but very strong defence for 6 intercepts and goalers were 100% effective, leading by 19 goals. 

Turnovers were still minimal in Q4, goaler’s missed a lot but only let one escape while defenders kept the pressure up for a convincing 26 goal win.


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