Round 12: Macedon Vs Diggers Rest B Grade

Round 12: Macedon Vs Diggers Rest B Grade

Macedon 29 Lost 34 Diggers Rest

Some things we wanted to work on at training that were the take away’s from our game against Melton –

1.      Our goaling accuracy.

2.      Passing and standing still and watching the game.

3.      Cleaning up on the contest.

This was difficult to do when we didn’t have players at training.

The team is being challenged not only because Sammy is missing from our line up but also because our opposition are getting stronger. It is all about how we bounce back from these games and what we learn from them.

We have a team that need to take responsibility and ownership for their individual performance and when we are being challenged this is not happening. We gain nothing by making excuses or blaming the new players that are coming to assist our team. If everyone is doing their OWN job the team performance will follow. Let’s talk individual performance-

Nellie Wilson (1 quarter GS)- 4 goals from 9 attempts. No turnovers indicating that ball was safe in your hands outside the shooting. Moved the ball well and offered good drives out front. Moved in the goal ring well with Georgia. Accuracy is the key to more court time.

Georgia Fearn (4 quarters. GA, GA, GA, GS) 1 held ball, 3 bad passes, 1 intercept, 10 centre pass receives, 1 contact, 21 goals 10 misses and 2 rebounds. Worked with 3 different goalers which is a big ask but you moved well and had to play a front lead game and not a back-space game. Goaling for 3 quarters of the game was 14 goals from 24 attempts and in the last quarter you came through with a solid goaling quarter shooting 7 from 7. Being flexible in your game and finishing off with accurate goaling is the missing piece.

Amy Illic (2 quarters. GD, GS) Came on and had an instant impact the positive stats were 3 intercepts, 2 gains and a tip. You were put out of the contest for 3 contacts and an obstruction. Their GA was kept to 5 goals in the quarter you were GD.  A move to GA offered us a more solid moving goaler out front and was worth a try seen as were down by 10 and struggling for accuracy. In GA you contacted the once, had 2 clean recoveries, 2 assists and shot 3 from 6 attempts.  The take away from this game is your accuracy in goals.

Demi Fitz (full game in WA) 11 turnovers, 14 centre pass receives3 obstructions, 2 contacts, 16 feeds, 16 assists. All stats show that you were just off the mark today. You played with a lack of confidence in your ability to own our goal third and take charge of our attacking end. You need to be more involved in the game and steer the ship as our front-line attacker.

Demi Young (full game in C) 5 turnovers, 3 contacts, 6 tip, 2 gain, 4 intercept, 15 feeds, 6 assists. You were a safe ball carrier with a very low turnover count, you played a strong attacking and defensive centre and you stayed in play. A solid performance but you must clean up your centre pass positioning as you were called for 2 steps in the centre. Eliminate the coach killers and you will be close to playing a perfect centre game.

Dels (2 quarters. WD). 1 step, 2 contacts, 2 gains, 1 intercept. You just didn’t have the same defensive impact that you have had over the last couple of games. Their WA was their main ball carrier into their goalers and you just didn’t get the recoveries that you normally do or slow up her game. The take away is that you need a strong first quarter to intimidate your player and then reap the benefits in the second quarter.

Georgia H (2 quarters. WD) 4 centre pass receives, 4 contacts, 2 tips and 2 intercepts. You were put out of play 4 times in the same quarter, showing that you weren’t adjusting to the umpire. Recoveries didn’t out weight the amount of times you were put out of play. You need to come onto the court, after watching on the bench and have an instant impact, having time to read the umpire and your opposition WA.

Bella (3 quarters GD. GD. GK) 1 obstruction, 4 gains and a 1 tip. You were kept very quiet this game having very little impact. This is the first game this season where you just haven’t been on your game and had very little impact. You need to recognise when you aren’t in the contest and lift your game by trying something new or different on your player.

Aleigha Walters (3 quarters. GK. GK. – . GD)1 obstruction, 1 contact, 1 gain, 2 intercepts, 3 rebounds, 1 tip. A very quiet game from you today. You were only really in it in the first quarter and then you went missing. The take away is that sometimes you have to get yourself involved in the game rather than waiting for it to naturally happen.

Karyn S (3 quarters. -. GS, GS, GK) 3 bad pass, 1 feed, 1 held, 1 contact penalty, 3 contact, 2 intercepts, 1 gain, 1 from 3 attempts, 3 rebounds. You drew a defensive player to you in GS but that was really only the impact you had in goals as you playing GS required the other goaler to always cut in front. In defence you were critical to us reducing Diggers Rest margin.5 recoveries with 3 rebounds is more than we received in the goal ring for 3 quarters of the game.  Take away is if you are going to goal, you must convert.

We started poorly with too many misses and they shot 4 in a row before we had goal number 2. We were 7 all in the first until they scored the last 3. Down 7 -10.

They shot the first 2 in the second quarter but we responded with 2. A 6 goal run from them and they had a big lead 22- 13.

We shot the first 2, they shot 2 and then we pegged back 3 and the score was 19 -25. We let them back in and they shot the last 4 pulling away 29 -19. A score line that we haven’t seen this season.


In the last we shot the first 3, they shot 2 and we then shot4 goals. It was 31 – 26 and we were in with a chance. A goal for goal contest after that and we went doen by 5.

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