Round 12: Macedon Vs Diggers Rest C Grade

Round 12: Macedon Vs Diggers Rest C Grade

Macedon 21 Lost 25 Diggers Rest

Started the game with light rain and a slippery surface at times. Macedon had a great start to the game then plenty of bad passes let Diggers take the momentum from us and we ended the first quarter 3 goals down. 

Macedon had better passing in Q2 but our mid-court recoveries had dropped.  With persistence we had a good finish to the quarter but were still trailing by 2 goals. 

We had many feeding issues in Q3 but with our trademark strong full-court defence we were able to get many turnovers back but were still 3 goals behind.   With solid pressure for 5 intercepts in Q4 but just as many turnovers and 3 goal misses escaping to lose by 4 goals.

This is the game we let slip through our fingers.

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