Round 13: Macedon Vs Diggers A Grade

Round 13: Macedon Vs Diggers A Grade

Macedon 55 DEF Diggers 32

Macedon got off to a strong 6 goals to 1 start before Digger Rest put a few goals on the board. Although the attack end started a little clunky, with some adjustments made to the feeds and centre passes Macedon took off and the goalers did not disappoint converting 14 from 15 attempts. The defensive pressure from the Cats was tight and forced a less experienced Diggers to turn over the ball. All 3 defensive players intercepted 2 balls each. Diggers goalers shot under 50% and of the 6 misses, Macedon rebounded 2 of those, something they have been working on at training. The last 6 goals of the quarter were shot by Macedon and the score was 14- 6 heading into the second quarter. 

The second quarter started with a positional switch between Ciara and Chloe and this created more direct passing into goals and sharper drives onto the circle. Chelsea and Karlee valued possession and didn’t turn over any balls and fed in over 12 balls each. Cats whole court defence was outstanding with recoveries coming from all thirds on the court. The basics were executed well, defenders stayed in play and the defence over their shot ensured that they found finding the ring hard. Diggers shot 6 from 11 attempts. Cats had a solid lead 32- 12.

Chloe and Ciara switched back and Bella remained on the court in GD after a short time on the court in the second. Macedon slipped back into old patterns and turned over 6 balls. Feeding and assists were more direct to goalers and they tried not to play around with the ball as much. Reasonably good goaling with Chloe in GS doing most of the shooting. Whole court defence didn’t slip up and Diggers were throwing a lot of unforced errors. Diggers missed 3 goals and our defenders again punished them with 2 rebounds. Diggers did make the most of the opportunities they had converting 9 goals in the third quarter. Macedon remained in the lead 43-21, and although the score line is much higher than previous weeks, the cats were not close to achieving their score line goal.

A very messy last quarter with 8 turnovers from 6 players on court. Decision making was poor and opportunities to push out the score was slipping. The basics were not being done well and players were starting to look a little tired. A respectable 12 goals scored but with very few goal runs. Macedon’s defensive end were being put out of play more this quarter for contacts and the recoveries were more through Diggers mistakes and less from won ball. Diggers shot a very respectable 11 goals. Macedon finally broke the losing streak and took the 4 points. 55 -32.

Votes: Karlee Bruno

1 turnover 4 gains 3 intercepts 1 tip 26 feeds 13 assists

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