Round 14: Macedon Vs Romsey B Grade

Round 14: Macedon Vs Romsey B Grade

Macedon 55 Won 25 Romsey

Last time we played Romsey they stuck with us for the first half of the game. Today the plan was to make sure that that did not let this happen again. We have come off some very hard games over the past couple of weeks and finding a new groove with our changing line up was the purpose of this game.

We started really well valuing the ball and delivering to our goalers. Nellie and Georgia were moving in the circle well but finishing off seemed to be the challenge. At times there was the wind factor but we did convert 15 goals from a possible 24 attempts and of these 9 misses Georgia and Nellie rebounded 5 back.

Our defensive pressure was good, staying clean and in the contest. With Dels long stretch over the ball, their WA struggled to find an option and when she did, Aleigha was there to drive through for an intercept. 7 intercepts, 5 gains and 5 team rebounds in 12 minutes heavily contributed to our goaling volume. 15 -5 first quarter score.

We were a little untidy in the second quarter with 5 mid court bad passes, but when our ball handling is so high, this can be expected. Demi Y took the feeding load and again a good amount of ball was delivered into goals (18). Conversion wasn’t where we want it to be with 6 misses but we built on the score line which is all I can ask for.

Defenders played a very similar quarter with our mid court being the shield before Aleigha got a chance to have a crack at a flying ball. Bella was tight with 2 intercepts and Del had 2 intercepts, 2 tips and a gain.  A solid quarter keeping Romsey to 6 goals in this quarter and we had a healthy lead 27 -11.

We became messy with 7 turnovers in attack but experimenting with leads and feeds when we have a winning margin is the right time to do this. Nellie and Georgia were back together in the ring and the familiar line up worked for us. We shot 13 from 16 attempts making this our most accurate quarter.  

A change in defence gave us something to experiment with. Kaz played GK, Bella stayed out in front, Georgia H came on into WD and Demi F took the centre position. Our recoveries weren’t as high with 3 team intercepts, 2 gains and 4 rebounds but with the height back in the ring the GS missed a lot of goals. They shot 6 from 11 attempts. 40 -17 heading into the last quarter.

A few more changes all over the court and we continued to play well and push on with 15 goals in the last quarter. We did have the potential to score another 10 goals but inaccuracy cost us.  We kept to our 5 turnovers which is impressive considering our line up was very different to normal. The team intercepted 8 balls, took 4 gains and tipped 7 balls with a huge amount of work coming from Georgia H (5 recoveries).

We had a massive 30 goal win, giving us the 4 points and some confidence going into next weeks game against Riddell.

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