Round 16: Macedon vs Romsey B Grade

Round 16: Macedon vs Romsey B Grade

Macedon 46 DEF Romsey 36

For the first time in several weeks, Macedon almost had a full B-grade team list.
It was a messy start for the B grade girls, with several opportunities to score in the first couple of
minutes but inaccurate shooting gave Romsey a second chance at scoring off their first, lost centre
pass. Macedon’s determination and fight after turning over the ball was as strong as ever and the reward came. The ball was won back with 4 intercepts when Romsey were trying to bring the ball out of defence. Ash played her role perfectly dominating the centre passes and then backed it up with accurate feeds and assists. The defensive efforts from the circle defenders was great. Aleigha moved her feet well and made the feed into Hope very difficult. She had 2 gains, 1 intercept and a rebound. 11- 7 goal quarter time score, Macedon’s way.
Hetty took the court in the second and Eliza hit the bench. Georgia F moved out to GA and the remaining 5 players stayed on the court. Macedon were much more clinical in this quarter and the ball was finding hands easily. Only 2 errors for the quarter meant that Macedon were giving themselves the best chance to take a healthy lead. Macedon were tight with defensive pressure all over the court, but recoveries were not coming so easily, and players were finding themselves out of play. Romseys only path to scoring was through the tall GS and Alleigha kept moving her feet and repositioning and the recoveries came. Macedon scored the last 4 goals to take the 2 nd quarter out to 28 -15.
Because of the decent score line Macedon used this opportunity to move some players into some less familiar combinations. Two tallies played in goals, Dels came on into WD, Allira came on into GK and Alleigha moved out to a less familiar position in GD. As you would expect these changes caused a fair bit confusion on the court and 6 bad passes in attack. The defensive pressure amped up with 6 intercepts for the quarter, 3 tips and 2 gains. Romsey’s goal shooter continued to be the main scorer and their 4-goal run towards the end of the quarter brought the score back to 11 the difference. G Fearn came back into GA, G Hutch gave Demi a rest and played C and the defensive circle went back to the first half of the game. Fatigue, a lack of judgement, and ball placement were not the strength of the 7 on court and 12 turnovers were turned over by The Cats. Lucky for the Cats goaling was 100% and the 9 opportunities to scire were all converted to a goal.
One thing that did not let Macedon down was the 38 minutes of defensive pressure. 6 intercepts, with Aleigha again dominating that stat, 5 gains (one each from every defender) and 3 tips made sure that Romsey could not catch Macedon, even with 11 bad passes and an offside. 46- 36 win for Macedon and they remain on top of the ladder with 2 games to go.

Votes: Aleigha Walters
6 gains 9 intercepts 3 tips 2 rebounds

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