Round 1: Macedon vs Riddells Creek B Grade

Round 1: Macedon vs Riddells Creek B Grade

Macedon 37 DEF Riddells Creek 35

Round 1 was always going to look a little different for our B grade side with Sammi stepping aside, as she is expecting a baby later in the season. This has meant that the B grade players have had time in the preseason to adjust to a different goaling line up for the 2023 season. 

The first 8 minutes of the quarter was a real struggle for Macedon. They were finding it hard to convert the very few turnovers they were winning; they were being heavily penalised for both contact and obstruction and centre passes were a struggle. Riddell shot 5 goals to our 1 goal and then went on to score another 3 not long after. The girls dug deep and recognised what needed to change to fight back and bring the score back to just the 2-goal difference. 

Macedon made a change in the second quarter by switching Taylah out for Ash in GD and the other 6 players kept their position on the court. The centre passes were dominated by our WA but unfortunately, they were also being thrown away before the feeders landed on the circle edge. The goaling was shared by both goalers this quarter and with only 3 missed goals the improved accuracy gave Macedon enough of a boast to get in front of Riddell on the score board.

Macedon defenders changed their position on the Riddell’s goalers, getting off the body and this had an immediate impact. They stayed in play and didn’t attract the whistle, and this gave Macedon more opportunity to recover the ball.  Ash was unpredictable and had an instant impact with 3 rebounds, 3 intercepts 1 gain and kept her goal attack to shooting at 50%. Aleigha complimented the defensive ring work with Riddell’s goal shooter missing the one attempt she shot all quarter. This full court pressure gave Macedon a healthy lead at half time shooting 10 to Riddell’s 3. A nice half time lead 21- 16. 

In the third quarter Macedon’s attack end became costly with 7 turnovers. They struggled, like they did in the first quarter with centre passes and they had to send it back to the defensive line before the held ball whistle. When Macedon were direct the goalers presented well but the defensive pressure of a very experienced Riddell defender, meant that our goalers started to doubt themselves. They shot 9 from 13 with no rebounds. 

Macedon had 10 clean recoveries in defence and for the most part stayed in play. Riddell’s goalers started to find the ring in the third quarter shooting 8 from 10 attempts but Macedon’s 2 rebounds made sure that they had another chance to convert to a goal. Macedon still held a healthy lead of 6 goals with 12 minutes left of play.

Macedon were starting to look tired at the end of the 3rd, so changes had to be made. Riddell was starting to turn the score board around and Macedon were struggling to hold the lead. The goalers were deprived of ball and shot only 5 goals in the first 10 minutes of the last quarter. 

Macedon struggled to stay in play and recoveries were few and far between. They only managed to pick up 2 rebounds and 1 gain for the entire 12 minutes on court.  Riddell scored 5 unanswered goals and then another 3, had they not held on to the ball and played smart- scoring the last 2 goals of the game, Macedon would have let the game slip through their fingers and lost the 4 points. 

Macedon take the 4 points for the first round of the season.

Best On: Ash Coxhell 

2 Gains  3 Intercepts 4 Rebounds – 9 recoveries for the game

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