Round 2: Macedon V Diggers Rest - A Grade

Round 2: Macedon V Diggers Rest - A Grade

Macedon (39) V Diggers Rest (40)
Team List: 

We started the first quarter well again for the second week in a row, scoring the first shot of the
game. This gave us the confidence we needed to settle into the game and an opportunity to see
what Diggers Rest had on court. Our centre passes were direct and Chelsea worked through the
quarter to work out the best way to beat the WD on the line. Goaling opportunities were high for
us but a lack of accuracy was costing us a strong lead.
In the second quarter the defensive pressure from all 7 players on court was strong forcing
Diggers to work hard for possession. Diggers gave up 6 balls in bad passes in their goal third alone
giving us a real opportunity to push out the score and for our defenders to gain the confidence
they needed to dominate their attackers and feeders. We went into the 3rd quarter 5 goals up.
We lost momentum in the 3rd quarter almost immediately. Our defensive pressure became
predictable and Diggers C dominated in feeds and assists. Diggers were starting to feel the shift
and made sure that they didn’t take their foot off the pedal. They only turned over 1 ball in the 3rd
and had 18 attempts at goals. Whilst our accuracy improved it was proving very challenging to get
the ball through our mid court and safely onto circle edge for a good feed into the ring. Everyone
was doing too much and at times we were all doing not enough. We held a 1 goal lead heading into
the last quarter.
We knew the momentum had shifted but we went about business as usual and didn’t step up and
assert our dominance on the game. Diggers GK picked up 3 recoveries in the form of gains,
showing how passive we were playing in the goal third. Their WA and GS become the main players
assisting with all the passes into the goalers. We needed to shut that down and didn’t.
A passive game against a very determined Diggers meant that we gave up the 4 points with a very
average game.


Best on court goes to Chelsea Kemp

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