Round 2: Macedon V Diggers Rest - B Grade

Round 2: Macedon V Diggers Rest - B Grade

Macedon (34) V Diggers Rest (44)
Team List: 

We started a little shaky against Diggers but managed to regain possession with some solid defensive work
down the court but with 3 intercepts from our WA and C, the frustrated Diggers defence gave us the
opportunities we needed to shake off the poor start.
In our ring we had 3 coach killers from our goalers, coughing up the ball and giving Diggers a bit of
confidence. Our defenders tightened up and Taylah won the contest against the GA stopping Diggers from
pushing out their lead in the first quarter.
Our starting 7 kept their position on court and we had hoped to build on the momentum we were just
starting to gain. Unfortunately inaccurate goaling (6 misses) and no recoveries (intercepts and rebounds)
from our full court defence, meant that Diggers were under very little pressure and needed to keep their
game plan simple – force a missed shot and recover the the ball. They did this well and pushed out the lead
to 2 goals but we were still in it.
I made quite a few player changes, hoping that the bench players had enough time to see what was
happening on court and not repeating those errors. With 6 turnovers from our WA, GA and GS and 4 missed goal
equals 10 opportunities for our opposition to rail road us. This attacking line up just wasn’t working or giving
us the goals we needed. The positive is that our whole court defence was incredible. The never say die
attitude that everyone showed was rewarded with 9 recoveries. If you do the math, we should have been in
control of the game at the end of the 3rd quarter and been 19 goals in the clear of Diggers, but our turnovers
were just too costly.
We changed up our goal end and it had an instant impact with just the one goal lead to Diggers and then we
faded away. 6 missed goals and 4 bad passes in our attack end meant then another 10 goaling opportunities
left our hands. Defensive work remained strong for the last quarter with 11 recoveries from our C down to
our GK. Mads recovered 3 balls and Shanae came out for 2 intercepts. Unfortunately we threw away 3
through our WD and one when the ball was in our GD hands. We shot 5 goals to their 9 in the last quarter
and in the blink of an eye we lost by 10 goals. We just cant win games shooting at 62%

Best on court goes to Demi Fitzsimmons

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