Round 2: Macedon V Lancefield - U19's Grade

Round 2: Macedon V Lancefield - U19's Grade

Macedon (53) Won Lancefield (3)

An incredibly strong performance from all 9 players today.

We had Eloise and Billie out but welcomed Isobel into our team. We had a goal to score off our first centre pass and get 8 goals in the first quarter and as a result, went out there firing! With 10 goals in the first 5 minutes, we reevaluated our goal to 15. We fell just short with a 14-1 finish. 

We just made the one change in our midcourt and continued with our momentum. We missed all but one goal in the second and kept possession with a rebound. We had another strong quarter keeping them scoreless. Going into halftime 28-1.

We made a change to our goaling and defensive ends. We still kept them goalless but started to eat up the clock with unnecessary passes and turned. As we started to fatigue our accuracy deteriorated but we still dominated our rebounds. 

We finished the game off with a solid 50 goal win. It was wonderful to see uncompromising defence which allowed a very comfortable win which will help us secure a nice percentage on the ladder. 

Best On Ground – Tamika Bishop

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