Round 2: Macedon vs Diggers Rest B Grade

Round 2: Macedon vs Diggers Rest B Grade

Macedon 43 DEF Diggers Rest 34

Diggers Rest has always been Macedon’s boogie team having lost 2 games last season by a goal and

the grand final by a couple. The Cats B grade side knew they were well prepared for this game and

although they were heading into this game without their captain Georgia Fearn, the confidence was

high and the girls were ready to fire.

The Diggers Rest line up was a familiar line up but with the inclusion of last years premiership player

Shelby in WA. The first quarter was a goal for goal tussle with neither team getting ahead. Our

defenders were not staying in play with 6 contacts and 3 obstructions, giving Diggers the one player

free to feed the ball into their experienced goaler. We weren’t winning much ball and struggled to

box out when Diggers missed a shot.

Macedon’s goaling was uncharacteristically good in the first quarter and they goalers followed up

the missed shots, with only one goal escaping our goal circle and this is what was keeping us in the

game. At times we were panicked in our goal third but for the most part, Macedon were clever with

ball placement.

In the second quarter Bella came on into GD and everyone else kept their position. Macedon kept

their bad passes to just the 4 (a great improvement on last week) for the quarter and worked the

goal third to make sure they were feeding from the circle edge. Eliza continued to shoot under

pressure slotting 7, while Ash in GS starting missing shots as she got tired. Both goalers fought hard

and recovered 2 of the 4 missed goals. Diggers were struggling to win ball in the Cats goal circle.

Macedon’s whole team one on one defence was relentless. They stepped up and applied first ball

pressure. This pressure meant that Diggers were forced to pass a ball, that Macedon were waiting in

the wing to intercept. 5 of the 7 players on court recovered an intercept and with 2 rebound

recoveries, Macedon started to build a lead and won the 2 nd quarter 11- 9.

Heading into the second half, Eliza switched back into GS, Ash came out into GA and Taylah came

back on into WD. This line up took a lot of adjusting and 7 bad passes was the result. Mid quarter we

were forced to make another change and Nellie came on into GA and Ash moved to WA. When Eliza

was serviced with the ball she continued to shoot very well and rebounded the 2 goals she missed.

Macedon’s defence continued to be their strength with 6 defensive intercepts, 3 team gains, 3 tips

and a rebound. Again, almost every player won ball back for the Cats. With all this defensive

pressure and Diggers Rest’s errors they continued to build on the lead, heading into the last quarter

31 to 26.

Macedon have been in this position before and the game has not ended in their favour, so they

knew what they needed to do if they were going to walk away with the 4 points. Nellie stayed on in

the GA position, Demi came back on into WA after having a short spell on the bench and the

defensive line stayed as they were. The Cats cleaned up and only threw 3 bad passes in 12 minutes,

a very promising stat and continued to man up and put pressure over the pass. Macedon were kept

quiet defensively in this quarter but made Diggers Rest work very hard to keep possession of the

ball. Diggers continued to shoot inaccurately and of their 5 missed, Macedon recovered 4 rebounds.

Macedon won the last quarter 12 to 8 and added 4 points to the board. A good win!

Best On: Eliza Petherick

29 goals 5 Centre Pass Receives 2 Assists 1 intercept 1 feed 7 rebound

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