Round 5: Macedon V Woodend Heskett - C Grade

Round 5: Macedon V Woodend Heskett - C Grade

Macedon (36) V Wallan (11)
Team List: 

As usual, at Woodend very cold, windy conditions and a partly damp and slippery court for the game. This week, C Grade started with a tall goaling lineup, putting all our trust in Amanda and Susan who did not let us down. Our defensive pressure was excellent from the first whistle, shutting down Woodend’s feeding and Aleigha enjoying the day with 4 early intercepts to end that 1st Quarter 10 goals to 1 in front.

Our full-court defence pressured Woodend’s mid-court even harder in the 2nd Quarter to stop them in the centre. Our goaling started to slip with Woodend recovering many of our goal misses. Still now extended our lead to 16 goals in front.

Fresh legs to the lineup gave us plenty of possession in the 3rd Quarter. We need to ensure we remain settled and steady as we became wasteful. We had 7 bad passes forward of the centre. The goaler’s 100% effectiveness helped and our defenders got everything back plus any more intercepts for a big Quarter. Now 25 goals up going into the 4th.

We had an even 4th quarter with 6 goals each being scored. It was obvious that Red’s leadership makes a huge difference to the stability of the team and we struggled to clear the ball out of our defensive end. We need to ensure we finish as effectively as we start. We won by 25 goals, but this could have been a lot more.

Let’s see 100% of Players with 100% Effort at training to back this up next week.

Best on court goes to Susan Eastman

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