Round 5: Macedon Vs Lancefield U19s

Round 5: Macedon Vs Lancefield U19s

Macedon 17 DEF BY  Lancefield 17

Saturday’s twilight fixture certainly had a different feel to it. Not only was it later in the day, the sun was glaring and this very evident up one end of the court. We came in knowing that Lancefield was at a similar position on the ladder. The fixture time meant we were down to only 8 players for this game. This, along with our warm up and readiness, proved to be not favourable factors in the outcome of the game.

Lancefield started the game ready to play. Mistakes came thick and fast for us and most of these were very uncharacteristic. We were playing from behind our opponents and not taking the game on. Lancefield’s defenders were capitalising on our missed goals and errors. At the first break, we were down 4-8.

In the second quarter, many of the same errors were occurring. We had some glimpses of great play down the court but this was overshadowed by Lancefield gaining ball off us too easily and not enough defensive pressure on their goalers, leading to their easy conversion. Nevertheless, Georgie’s work ethic stayed very high across all four quarters. She was providing an option at all times and was trying hard to lift the team. At half time we trailed 17-8.

During the third quarter, both teams shot a lot more accurately compared to the rest of the game. The mistakes we were making were being utilised by Lancefield and scored upon. Izzy H was a consistent player for us, making drives to space and sticking tight to her opponent. Three quarter time the score was 28-14.

Lancefield didn’t give us any reprieve in the last quarter. They played a full four quarter game and ran out 38-17 winners. One might say that this wasn’t our day and the team were a bit ‘flat’ from the beginning. This isn’t the usual standard for our team and the girls will hope to bounce back from this in the coming weeks.

Best on: Georgie Thompson

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