Round 6: Macedon V Lancefield - A Grade

Round 6: Macedon V Lancefield - A Grade

Macedon (61) V Lancefield (34)
Team List: 

We hit the ground running in the first quarter with a 16 to 7 score line. Lancefield struggled to penetrate their attack and when they did our defensive pressure stepped up. We forced Lancefield to turnover the ball 9 times and shoot at just over 50%. With 20 attempts at goals, our goalers did a great job at converting 16 of them. We struggled to find the best rebounding position as their GD cleaned up half of our missed shots and the Goal Keeper cleaned up with a handful of gains. This is something we will address in order to grab a handful more goals in the first quarter.

In the second quarter we made a change in goals and in defence. A bigger bodied Macedon Keeper and a rusty returning GA came onto the court and the plan was to push on from our great start. We forced Lancefield to turnover 12 ball through whole court defence and their C, WA and GD were the key culprits. However, their GD worked hard on our attackers and took 4 intercepts from average feeds and goalers standing still. Their GS started posting up under the ring and was found by all 3 feeders.Lancefield put in a good quarter 12 – 15.

Lancefield weren’t going away although we had a 12 goal lead it didn’t feel like we had control of the game just yet. Georgia came back into goals, Katie back in to GK and Madi gave Karlee some much needed rest in C. Lancefield mid court gave up 9 balls and were defensively very clean. They switched their defenders around and the GK started to
show real dominance with 9 recoveries. She caught on to our pattern of play and we didn’t adjust very well or quickly enough. We missed 6 goals which didn’t help us push out the lead. We were in the lead 28 – 43.

Our last quarter looked very similar to our first quarter. Whole court defence forced Lancefield to throw away a lot of ball. We had a lot of possession which gave Lancefield a fair crack at recovering ball but they were deprived in the goal ring with their goalers shooting identically to the first quarter (GS 5/8 and their GA 1/3). They shot 6 to our 18 goals. We finish with our target being achieved 61 – 34

Best on court goes to  Hayley Birch

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