Round 7: Macedon V Melton Centrals - U19s

Round 7: Macedon V Melton Centrals - U19s

Macedon (21) V Melton Centrals (33)

Our first quarter was strong, just like most of our other games. We came out with the first 3 goals. A few turnovers reduced our lead but with the volume of defensive gains, we were able to keep the score line goal for goal for the remainder of the quarter.

We kept the line up in the second quarter. Melton started with the first 3 goals, due to missed shots we didn’t rebound. Although we recovered we were unable to catch this lead. Our WA and C started holding towards the pockets when they had front position towards the top of the circle. We got stuck in these positions and had some costly turnovers around the circle edge and in the circle itself. We were starting to miss the crisp movement from the first quarter.

In the third, we made some changes to get our attacking end moving more, and some more height in the circle for rebounds. Maddy protected the shot for Beth and blocked out her player for the rebound. Our centre pass plays were seamless. We used our systems to generate ball to the circle with a limited amount of passes. This also reduced the number of possible turnovers, however, our turnovers were now predominantly inside the goal circle. Additionally, we also had a significant number of turnovers in our defensive or mid-third when transitioning the ball. We had our defenders spending second one and two leading away from the ball in order to clear out space, leaving only the third second to create a lead. This is why our preliminary movement was really needed by all players on the court. This quarter we conceded an 8 goal run because of our passes, when this happened every single player on court except for Eloise dropped their heads. The bench was fantastic this quarter in talking, encouraging and cheering the great plays and defensive pressure, but we needed a player on the court to lead and motivate. We could have easily turned it around after a three-goal run, but not when our team admits to defeat.

After a regroup, we came out and played our best quarter. Hardly any turnovers, the attacking end looked very organic and flowed nicely. Melton couldn’t compete with our speed and agility. Defensively we gave them too much room. We needed our GD and WD to step up and dictate their opponents to relieve some of the pressure on our GK. This would have gotten us more gains and would have narrowed the score line further. There were many positives to take away from the game, but we need to bring that fighting spirit to each game and when there is a run from the opposition, someone needs to stand up and motivate the team. Each and every player needs to bring that fighting spirit. We will win if we are fierce and competitive.

Best on court goes to Beth Barry

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