Round 6: Macedon vs Melton B Grade

Round 6: Macedon vs Melton B Grade

Macedon 38 DEF Melton 36

Macedon had two experienced players out this week with Bella out unwell and Demi with a back injury. The only addition to the team was Katie Clarke dropping down to play in B grade as a third
Macedon and Melton both started strong and matched up well in every position on the court.
Although Melton had a shorter mid-court, they were quick and moved the ball around their circle well to find a confident goaler on the base. Our defenders did a great job forcing Melton to make
mistakes, only Melton were the first to pick up the scraps and that is what kept them in the game.
Our attacking lineup moved well and two options to the ball made it easier to penetrate the attack end. The attackers moved well and finished off their job with accurate shooting. Some high balls
were forced into the goalers which didn’t often come off, but the team quickly transitioned into defence, slowing Melton’s attack down. A decent start to the game and the score was tied 11 all.
The second quarter was played very similarly to the first quarter. Macedon was in there and had several opportunities to pick up the scraps from Melton. In this quarter Melton just looked like they wanted it more and Macedon’s second efforts and staying in play was starting to tire.
The centre passes were worked out with Ash taking first ball and Georgia driving out from the goal ring. This allowed Eliza to post up and Georgia to work around the space provided. Macedon had no
trouble getting the first ball but it was the second phase that started to become more predictable.
Georgia was smart enough to adjust and steered the ship in our attack end. Some lost opportunities and forced ball Macedon were trailing by 2.
Katie Clarke came on into GD and Taylah was given a rest. Macedon and Melton continue to play with the same structure, but the difference was the work rate of the defence, led by Katie and how
Macedon transitioned the ball down court. By the second half The Cats knew what to expect from the umpires and adjusted accordingly. Macedon’s defenders kept Melton to shooting just 6 goals.
The attack end was serviced with more ball and even without Demi Fitz in WA they worked through the goal third taking advantage of the height advantage Ash had on her WD. Confident goaling and
following up each shot meant that no matter what, Macedon’s goalers had a fighting chance to win
the ball back even after a missed shot. The Cats did only convert 9 goals this quarter, but it was enough to finally take the lead of 1 goal heading into the last quarter. At some point in the last quarter Macedon took a more comfortable lead of 4 goals but brain faded and gave Melton a chance to peg the score back. Melton outscored Macedon 10 – 9 but the 2-goal lead from the 3 rd quarter gave hem that 2 goal win to take the 4 points.
VOTES: Georgia Fearn
2 Assists 1 Feed 1 Gain 23/29 -79%

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