Round 8: Macedon V Romsey - C Grade

Round 8: Macedon V Romsey - C Grade

Macedon (64) V Melton Centrals (5) Romsey 

With slightly damp conditions we aimed to not only win today, but win BIG. We had observed the U19’s who had played well but helped us realise to be able to get a large win, we really needed to be efficient. With that in mind, we started very clean and efficient with our defenders grabbing 5 intercepts helping our goalers give us a cracking start with a 13
goal lead after only one quarter.

With confidence now in the second quarter our mid court defence really stepped up restricting Romsey to only 1 goal. Our goalers missed a lot but only let 2 balls escape the circle and we are now 26 goals in front.

Our goal was to maintain this extremely effective full court pressure in the third and keep our game as efficient as possible while maintaining a clean steady game. We did this in spades. We had fresh legs rotating our bench and did not skip a beat now with a 39 goal lead.

We maintained huge possession in the final quarter not allowing Romsey any chance at all and keeping them goal less in the last. Susan and Amy shot 20 goals in the final quarter alone. Helping us to a sensational 59 goal win.

Delighted to see this group of women come together as a complete team.  Watch this space. C Grade are very hungry for the win an d they are coming up the ranks. Continually improving, supporting and learning.

Best on court goes to  Janayah Chamra

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