Round 8: Macedon V Romsey - U19s

Round 8: Macedon V Romsey - U19s

Macedon (48) V Romsey (13)

After a solid training session on Thursday and a great reflection on our goals, we started the game really driven and focused on our targets. Demi dominated the centre pass receives and we used our systems to effortlessly deliver the ball to our goalers. However, once getting to our goal circle the shooting accuracy was below our target, at 67%. Matilda rebounded 60% of missed shots while our defenders rebounded 50%. An area we will continue to improve. We led the game 10-6.

Our second quarter was easily our best for the season. A 16-1 quarter, with just 2 turnovers and 13 gains. Georgia completely shut down her WA with 4 incredible intercepts. We delivered the ball with confidence and improved our shooting. Matilda shot above target at 85% while Beth started rebounding some missed shots. We shuffled our line up in the third quarter, moving Caitlin into C and Maddy into GS. We continued with the volume of goals coming from our shooter, Maddy rebounding all missed shots for a 100% shooting efficiency. We had a record 14 recoveries this quarter, Bella with 4 of those, but unfortunately this quarter was our most costly with 8 turnovers.

Our shooting dried up due to not transitioning the ball quickly to the circle edge, larger due to the fact our GA took all but one centre pass. The quarters where our WA took the majority of the centre passes were the quarters we scored more goals. Something to remember going forward.

Our last quarter we increased our volume but also reduced our number of gains. Our defensive pressure eased in this quarter, evident through the fewer gains and penalties,
although Eloise got 100% of her rebounds. Our shooting was less than desirable as well back down to 67% however our rebounding continued to give us scoring opportunities. We still one this quarter 12-5, but Romsey got almost half their score in this quarter.

With a more relentless and fierce last quarter we could have had a more convincing winning margin.
With only our second win for the season I saw everyone play with grit and determination.
Giving us an incredible 48-13 win. Let’s bring that work ethic and mindset into next week against the Rams.

Best on court goes to Georgia Hutchison

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