Round 9: Macedon V Western Rams - A Grade

Round 9: Macedon V Western Rams - A Grade

Macedon (64) V Western Rams (33)

The team is starting to be very task orientated and this is contributing to putting 60 minutes of quality netball together. We didn’t go into this game thinking it was going to be easy, as the Ram’s have been putting some good performances out on court and their B grade team were very strong. In the first quarter our attacking end were precise and delivered quality ball under the post. Our centre passes were dominated by Caitlyn in WA and Karlee made sure that she was hitting the circle edge to deliver into our goalers. Feeding was shared by all Macedon attackers and the goalers didn’t disappoint shooting 23 from 24. Rams WA took most of the centre passes but that is where their dominance stopped. Defensive pressure from all Macedon players on court, forced every Rams player to throw a bad pass with their Centre being the most costly player on court. They had 9 attempts at goal, shooting accurately to convert 8.

The second quarter was dominated by our defence. Full court pressure forced turnovers but our defence end applied pressure over the ball forcing 7 bad passes. Rams started using their C as their main feeder and she fed passes into the goalers from high in the goal third. They had 12 attempts at goal but only converted 9. We had a patch early in the second where we lost focus and changed our centre passes up unnecessarily. They shot 5 goals to our 2 in this time. A refocus from our attackers and we shot the last 6 goals of the quarter. A handy 36 – 17 lead going into half time and we were on track with our game plan. 

Heading into the 3rd quarter, we were reminded of our game plan and what we each had to go out and do for the second half of the game. A change in our defensive line up made us less predictable and gave us the height back in GK we were needing. The delivery of ball was accurate, our goalers were well serviced, we shot accurately and we forced bad passes. What more could a coach expect? We shot 16 to the Rams 10 goals, keeping us on track to scoring our target of 60 goals.
Another switch up in positions by both teams and we were fired up for the last 15 minutes. Rams made several mistakes in their attack with their GS throwing 3 balls, their experienced GA turned over 2, the WA threw 6 bad passes, the Centre a fumble and bad pass and their GA, one bad pass. Their goalers tired and shot at 60%. Job done by our defence. 

Our attacking end slipped, letting the Rams in with 4 intercepts, 3 gains and 3 rebounds. Add 7 missed goals ( we had only missed 6 all game up until this point) and these stats impacted on us pushing the score line out.. However we were not disappointed with the end result, beating Western Rams 64 -3

Best on court goes to Chloe Williams

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