Round 9: Macedon V Western Rams - U19s

Round 9: Macedon V Western Rams - U19s

Macedon (25) V Western Rams (19)

We went into this game with a strong training session behind us. We focused on safe attacking and relentless dictating in defence. Our first quarter we had just the one intercept but 6 tips showing we were up on our players but needed to take our feet through. With only 3 bad passes we valued the ball and tried to rebound every missed shot of ours. We led the quarter by 1 goal.

Although in the second quarter we more than doubled our turnovers, our centre pass transitions remained smooth. We got the ball into our goal circle quickly with less goaler to goaler feeds and assists. This indicated that the work we have been doing on moving in our goal circle and feeding goalers is being implemented in our game. Our defensive gains more than doubled with every player from centre down getting an intercept. Our shooting and rebounding this quarter improved with 100% efficiency from both of our goalers. We won this quarter by one again coming into the half time break with a two goal lead.

In the third quarter, we made a shift to our attacking end and brought Maddy into goals. We put up a higher volume of goals this quarter however the accuracy from our GS dropped and rebounds were limited. This did slow up the scoring for both teams and our defensive pressure down the entire court allowed us to regain possession and reattempt. We had just there bad passes this quarter which meant when we gained the ball in defence we brought the ball down patiently and safely into the attacking end, even though it was still really messy and chaotic. We went into the last quarter up by 3.

We made a change to the defensive end in the last quarter to help transition the ball into attack. Beth went into WD while Sheridan moved back into GK. Sheridan and Bella Worked really well in the circle together with several rebounds tips, gains and intercepts. Beth helped bring the ball down the court with control and discipline. This was all very short lived as Demi needed to come off, closely followed by Georgia. Although we had all these changes to our line up and some controversial umpiring decisions we didn’t drop our heads and were motivated by these setbacks to work even harder. This fire and drive kept the Rams to only 2 goals this quarter while we scored 5. Our largest margin for the whole game. Winning by 6.
It was a hard fought game with everyone playing with tenacity and desire to win. Let’s bring this same attitude against Woodend this weekend

Best on court goes to Demi Young

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