Round 9: Macedon vs Romsey B Grade

Round 9: Macedon vs Romsey B Grade

Macedon 43 DEF Romsey 28

The B grade side yet again showed their resilience with Ash, Eliza and Dels unavailable. The starting 7 attacking line up looked differently again this week with Georgia H starting in C and Nellie getting the GA start. The attack end was costly with the ball with one bad pass each, but no player repeated their mistake for the remainder of the quarter. Demi did a great job getting out for centre passes in her newfound WA position and was the dominant feeder into goals. The goalers combined well converting 11 goals and missing 5. Of the 5 misses they out muscled the defenders to rebound 3 back. 

Bella killed it in GD with 4 intercepts and 1 gain for the quarter keeping Romsey’s goalers on
notice. A great quarter 11-4 Macedon’s way. Ash H came in for the game and played the second quarter in WD and everyone one else stayed on the court. Everything in attack from the whole team on court was clean and only 3 bad passes,
impressing the coaches, but the goaling didn’t match the work out in front. 7 converted shots from
12 attempts and unless they didn’t fix that, this could be a problem. Macedon’s whole court
defensive effort was not something to brag about, and more work needed to be done here. Only 6
balls were won back, 3 coming from G in centre and one from Aleigha and 2 rebounds from Bella.
Romsey’s GS shot all 10 goals, and we were struggling to stop her. Macedon was only up by 2
heading into half time.
Changes were made with the players we had for the second half of the game. Shanae came on into
GS, Georgia moved out to GA, Ciara came on into WA, Demi Young was back in a familiar C, Ash
stayed in WD, Taylah moved out to GD and Bella went back into GK.
2 bad passes and 2 fumbles from the attack end but that didn’t cost the team too much because the
work rate had lifted and Macedon were starting to be a stronger presence all over the court.
Macedon were finally winning ball through gains and applied pressure and occasionally getting
hands to clean intercepts. 10 recoveries gave the attackers more opportunities to score. Shanae’s
goaling was shaky, but she rebounded all 4 missed goals and added 6 to the score board. Georgia F
was solid shooting 8 from 9. Macedon shot 11 goals in a row to take a 10 goal lead heading into the
last quarter. 32- 22.
The team stayed the same before a late change in the quarter to get Janayah on for her first B grade game. Macedon pushed on and forced Romsey to throw away ball. 6 tips, 3 gains, 3 intercepts and a rebound. Romsey goalers were simply deprived of ball while Macedon pushed on. Macedon goalers missed 7 shots but again rebounded them all, thanks to the tall timber Shanae. A solid win 43- 28.
Votes: Georgia Fearn
1 intercept 6 feeds 7 assist 72% accuracy 23 goals 2 rebound

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