Round 9: Macedon Vs Wallan B Grade

Round 9: Macedon Vs Wallan B Grade

Macedon 41 Won 25 Wallan

We were the dominant team today playing with determination and skill. Although it was wet, we adjusted our game to match the opposition and the conditions.

For most of the quarter the ball was in our attack end.  Demi was solid in C, making good choice with her passes. Demi F was consistent with her on circle edge feeds and assists. Sami presented time and time again and was rewarded with very accurate shooting. She shot 11 from 12 attempts while Georgia struggled to find her groove in the goal ring. Georgia lead the charge in defence with a solid 2 gains, 2 intercepts and a rebound. Bella was body tight and deprived her GA of any ball while Aleigha mopped up in GK with 2 gains, 2 intercepts and a rebound. Wallen’s goaling accuracy was a sign of our on-ball pressure. We had a clear lead 12- 3.

Eliza took the court in GS and the other 6 players kept their position on the court. Our centre passes changed with Sammi and Demi sharing the load. Our feeds and assists were also unpredictable with all 4 attackers assisting with the several goal attempts we were having. Our goalers accuracy took a bit of a hit, converting 12 of our 19 attempts.  Our distance in defence was precise with only the one obstruction call and we were reasonably clean with the contest. Wallan had more attempts at goals this quarter scoring 7 from 11 attempts.  We were strongest in defence through our mid court with Georgia taking another 3 gains and Demi 2. Our circle defenders didn’t see much of the ball with only 1 rebound. We needed to tighten up in defence in the second quarter and shoot with accuracy if we were going to take a good percentage win from this game. 24 -10.

In the 3rd quarter Georgia came on into WA and the defenders were given another quarter to tighten up. All our lost possession came from our attackers with 3 coach killers (step, contact penalty and a replay) and 2 bad passes. The pattern of having this particular umpire in the 1st and 3rd meant that we were allowed to contest the ball.  We were back in the game with recoveries 3 gains, 4 intercepts and 2 rebounds. Solid shooting from Eliza and Sammi (10/13) and Wallan was reduced to scoring just 6 from 10 attempts. We maintained our lead 24 -16.


Back with this umpire and that meant that our contesting had to stop.  We didn’t get an intercept in the 12 minutes on court but we did have 5 gains and a massive 5 rebounds. Wallan had SEVERAL opportunities to goal but thankfully accuracy was an issue. They converted 8 and missed 9 goals. We were becoming careless with the ball in hand and threw away 6 balls and stepped twice. Ball was struggling to make our circle edge and we were deprived of volume. We converted the least amount of goals in the last quarter with 8 drawing with Wallan in the last quarter. A good percentage boost 42 -24. 

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