Round 1: Macedon Vs Riddells Creek C Grade

Round 1: Macedon Vs Riddells Creek C Grade

Macedon 19 def. by 23 Riddells Creek

Round 1 was against a quality Riddell side we will undoubtedly see in finals. They had a few ex A grade players who were still exceptionally strong competition, as a result, we had a shaky start to the game. We were unable to feed our goalers while in defence we needed time to adapt and to a strong Riddell goaling end. 


We came into the second quarter down 7-9. Our defensive end started winning lots of ball through massive pressure from Red and Sheridan. They combined well to slow down the ball and confuse space when feeding into their goalers. We forced several turnovers but infortunately still struggled to maintain possesion in transition and convert in goals as a result it was a low scoring quarter from both teams going into half time 11-11.


In the third quarter we stayed close. We opened up the midcourt with speed from Janayah. She was critical on the second phase when transitioning from defence and the centre passes. Unfortunately after that our options really dried up. We were not ready when our midcourters hit circle which resulted in several misfeeds and errors, even though our accuracy was at 100%.


The last quarter we fatiqued. We tried new combinations to get speed and agility on court to not allow Riddell to set up defensively. But unfortunately what we gained in speed we lost in composure. As a result of several turnovers. The margin blew out to 4. A close scoreline, going down to a very competitive team.


3 Sheridan 8 intercepts, 5 deflections and 3 rebounds.

2 Janayah

1 Red

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