Round 11: Macedon Vs Wallan U19s

Round 11: Macedon Vs Wallan U19s

Macedon 17 DEF BY Wallan 27

After a close encounter earlier in the season, this game could have gone either way for us. We were missing players but that can’t be the reason for the result in the end. The two teams were fairly well matched on the court but we caused our own undoing in the end. Our execution and decision making of our passes were the difference in this game. In the first quarter, we missed many shots on goal that would have seen us ahead by a fair margin. We were pretty safe with the ball in this quarter, only throwing away 3 turnovers. We weren’t hunting down enough ball, with Eloise and Abbey doing all they could with 8 recoveries across the court. We went into quarter time 5-5. In the next quarter, this is where our woes began with way too many mistakes occurring. Not only did this give Wallan more chances to score, it wasted our opportunities to put goals on our tally. Lucy and Eloise tried hard in this quarter to stem Wallan’s influence, but transitioning down the court was becoming a big issue. Not enough defence and fightback from the rest of our team meant Wallan took the lead into half time 10-13. After half time, Wallan came out with much more intensity. Unfortunately, we didn’t match it. This quarter saw us make many more errors, with limited chances at goal. Wallan won this quarter 8 goals to 1 and this is what formed most of the final scoreline. In the last quarter, Beth did what she could to convert the ball provided to her. We lifted in this quarter, but the gap we’d made for ourselves in the second and third quarters, made catching up a very difficult task. Our bad passing lessened a little in the last quarter and the whole team fought hard and gained some ball back. This game slipped through our fingers as one that we certainly could have won with better passing, more pressure applied to Wallan and treasuring our own recoveries to score. Best on: Beth Barry

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