Round 13: Macedon Vs Diggers C Grade

Round 13: Macedon Vs Diggers C Grade

Macedon 31 DEF Diggers 13

Going into this game we had a simple objective; to improve on our performance against Diggers last time. We had a solid three quarters today. Our first was 9-3. With a new goaling line up which recognised the effort at training; Beth had an exceptional start in GA. She had wonderful swoops which either gave an excellent shooting position or drew both defenders to open up for Shanae. 

In the second we wanted to exploit the margin with rigorous defence and punishment in attack. We kept Diggers goalless this quarter due to exceptional pressure from Eloise, Allira and Em. Each time we won the ball we were steady and patient to execute in attack. New goaling combination of Susan and Amy kept their composure when the defenders were hustling and getting progressively more physical. This allowed us to continue with our business and apply more scoreboard pressure. We ended this quarter 16-3. 

In our third quarter we continued with a similar line up. Rewarding great defensive pressure from Georgie meant she went back onto court in WD, while Allira and Eloise stayed in the circle. We worked the ball effortlessly through the midcourt with reliable and direct movement from Steph. Abbey and Susan combined nicely to open up space and confuse the Diggers defenders. We went into the last quarter up 26-5. 

Unfortunately our last quarter was not strong; losing the quarter by 2 goals. We had plenty of opportunities to score but unfortunately with missed shots with few rebounds. This gave Diggers several more opportunities than they had in the first 3 quarters. Diggers had momentum and confidence which they used to keep pushing the lead out. Despite incredible midcourt work out the front we were unable to score. We tried 3 goalers this quarter but were unable to keep extending our lead. 

A healthy win regardless but plenty of opportunities to build next week

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