Round 15: Macedon Vs Melton C Grade

Round 15: Macedon Vs Melton C Grade

Macedon 39 DEF Melton 16

We were aiming for a consistent against Melton today after the last weeks being up and down. We started goal for goal. Unfortunately shooting at approximately 50% made it very easy for Melton to get into the game. Between Janayah, Sheridan and Eloise, we had 7 clean intercepts to win us some ball back. Steph hit the circle edge with ease and dominsted the feeds. We had a three goal run which gave us the same margin heading into quarter time.

We kept our defensive line up of Janayah, Sheridan, Allira and Eloise; who were dominating. Beth came on into GA and Amy moved back to GS. Although we didn’t win much ball we were giving Melton less opportunities in attack. We had much fewer turnovers in attack and only let 2 goals out. Amy and Beth with much better accuracy and slowed up the ball defensively. We had a 6 and 3 goal run which pushed the margin out. Half time score being 18-9.

We made some significant changes in the third. Susan re entered the game after Amy acquired an eye injury. Tamika, Abbey and Georgie took our midcourt, and Sheridan and Allira shuffled back. We had 10 recoveries this court with our goalers and midcourt contributing to a lift in defence. Abbey and Georgie shared the assists and feeds into the circle. Again, we had some solid runs at goal, but our accuracy dipped this quarter. Susan had 6 rebounds to keep the ball down our end. However, this ate up a lot of time on the clock and meant we were only able to score 8 this quarter. We kept Melton to 3 goals this quarter. Their lowest scoring quarter for the game.

The fourth quarter we put our foot down. The defensively line up remained, whilst our original goaling circle took the court again. We started with a 4 goal run, coming from intercepts from Sheridan and Tamika. We then had another 4 goal run from another 2 intercepts from Tamika and Sheridan. We converted all but 3 shots and turned over only 3 balls. It was our cleanest quarter and most direct. With Steph getting depth on the second phase. A significant 23 goal win to give us some confidence coming into finals.

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