Round 15: Macedon vs Melton B Grade

Round 15: Macedon vs Melton B Grade

Macedon 50 DEF Melton 28

The Macedon B grade team looked a little different again this week, with Demi Y absent but Janayah and Allira filled the spots again, to make sure that Macedon had a team of 9. Macedon started strong getting the stops they needed in defence, with a special mention to Aleigha with 1 tip, 4 gains, 1 intercept and a rebound. Moving of the ball through the centre third looked a little shacky.
The attackers were sitting back waiting and the defenders were looking for the long ball rather than the short ball and that is where the 5 bad passes came from. Melton’s new GK had the goalers a little rattled and the timing of their shots were causing misses that they would normally convert.
Macedon in the lead 11- 6.
Dels came off and Taylah came on into WD. The change had an immediate impact, and the ball was being moved out of defence into attack much cleaner and with smarts. Macedon looked to have
more possession than Melton but the score line was not showing that. Macedon were not keeping their centre passes but were winning it back with outstanding defence from the attackers. The defenders started to apply the pressure on the second phase, and this was slowing Melton down
and frustrating their experienced front line. Macedon kept their lead but Melton were not lying
down 22- 17.
Macedon clearly had a conversation about converting their centre passes without needing to win it back and the attackers took that on board and made it look a lot cleaner. Better movement in the goal ring and better thought-out feeds meant the ball was direct and accuracy improved. Macedon defenders too knew what they had to go out and do if they were going to shake off a competitive Melton. They slowly chipped away at their attackers and started to win ball back and this was
instrumental to the 14 goals score by Macedon and keeping Melton to just 4 for the quarter.
The last quarter saw Taylah hit the bench, so that she had legs for her A grade game and Dels
returned knowing what she needed to correct from the 2 nd quarter. Macedon’s defensive work was clean and relentless. They only converted 7 goals in the last quarter. Macedon’s attack did what they have been doing for the last couple of weeks and that is taking their foot off the pedal, choosing the longer pass and not keeping possession doing the basics right. If Macedon want to stay on top of the ladder and have a real shot at that premiership cup, they will need to put a full 48 minutes together.
A respectable win 50 -28.
Votes: Georgia H
3 intercepts 19 feeds 20 assists

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