Round 18: Macedon vs Western Rams B Grade

Round 18: Macedon vs Western Rams B Grade

Macedon 32 LOST 48 Western Rams

We had a good warm up and we were optimistic about today’s game. We had several opportunities to score but converted only 7 from 13 attempts, although we were the better team at rebounding (5) our missed shots.  There were several moments to put the foot down in the first quarter but we uncharacteristically made simple errors and connections were lost.  Nellie recognised this and called a time out but even after bringing Eliza on, we shot only the 1 goal to Rockbank’s 3.

We were put out of play for 12 contacts which is quite high, although some of the contests were hard fought and unlucky. Rockbank shot 8 from 13 attempts but we positioned well to recover 2 rebounds. Recoveries were reasonably low from the whole team and because we weren’t winning enough ball back we were trailing 7-8 heading into the second quarter.

Our mid court were really struggling to get through the transverse line and pass selection was poor. 4 turnovers from our centre and WA deprived the goalers of opportunity. We had one more attempt at goals than Rockbank in the second quarter so it came down to all the work in between.

We had to tweak our defensive end once Aleigha needed a medical time out and this moved Dels to GD and Bella back to GK. We took 4 intercepts through our defensive end and just the one gain. Both teams were even throughout the whole court and we were down 18 -20 but still in with a chance.

It all fell apart in the third quarter with 7 bad attacking passes and only 8 attempts at goals from just the one goaler. We were holding the ball but making poor choices and executing poorly. 

We were penalised heavily again with 16 contacts and gaining very little rewards from the hard body contest. Rockbank did play a very experienced GS in the second half and this was something we didn’t have the body or height to match. We needed to defend the player with the ball tighter to slow up Rockbanks vision to the very tall shooter. Rockbanks accurate goalers shot 13 to our 6 and it became a bigger margin to have to catch in 12 minutes of netball.

The last quarter was very flat and our performance was poor. We weren’t really in any contest and opportunities to score was quickly dashed with poor execution. We had more attempts in the last quarter (8) but it was not enough compared to Rockbanks 15 attempts. They continued to build on their lead a we took a bug hit losing 32 – 48. A game that we need to forget and move past.

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