Round 2: Macedon V Diggers Rest - C Grade

Round 2: Macedon V Diggers Rest - C Grade

Macedon (18) V Diggers Rest (22)
Team List: 

Today Macedon C Grade started with poor feeding early in the 1st Quarter which let Diggers
race away early, but with our defenders rebounding so well and our attackers getting ball back
it stopped the slide. We ended the 1st quarter, 2 goals down.
Then we had another slow start in the 2nd quarter. We missed goals and had more feeding
turnovers but our defenders stepped up with 6 intercepts for a strong finish to that quarter,
keeping us in the game and still 2 goals behind.
We had more really poor passing forward of centre in the 3rd quarter. Again our defenders
got these back plus more to grind out the quarter, trailing by 3 goals.
C Grade had plenty of positive momentum in the 4th quarter but the few goal misses and bad
passes prevented a comeback win. We handed Diggers Rest a 4 goal win which we definitely
will not do again the next time we meet.
Congratulations Defenders on such a mammoth effort

Best on court goes to Allira Egan


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