Round 2: Macedon V Diggers Rest - U19s

Round 2: Macedon V Diggers Rest - U19s

Macedon (33) V Diggers Rest (25)
Team List: 

The first quarter we went in with our focus on being smart with the ball. Although we had some pressure on ourselves to redeem our performance against Diggers, we had no turnovers, We were careful with the ball and settled down the court. Diggers had a very accurate start to the game and their GA dominated their attacking end, whilst we struggled with accuracy and getting our own rebounds.

In the second quarter, we made a change to our attack end and stepped up defensively. Our full court pressure and dictation saw a lot of defensive gains all the way from our WA down to GK. This also shut down the GA, she didn’t have the presence she had at the beginning of the game. Our turnovers crept into the game as we began to use the side line to transition ball and second guess the first and easy option.

In the third quarter, we had the ability to push our lead out further, however, bad passes and unsteady hands gave Diggers a chance to stay competitive. The relentlessness and fierce defensive pressure allowed us to maintain our seven goal lead. We began to depend on the single lead drive and needed preliminary moves to ensure we were free when our team was ready to release the ball.

coming into the last quarter, we had a nice rhythm to our game. Our timing was impeccable down the court with seamless plays that left Diggers well and truly behind. We began leading away from the ball which put us under unnecessary pressure and increased turnovers. We won that quarter by just one goal. 

Heading into future games, we need to reset the score each quarter. Going back to a 0-0 score and working hard to win each and every quarter to extend our leads. Good first win!


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