Round 4: Macedon vs Wallan B Grade

Round 4: Macedon vs Wallan B Grade

Macedon 55 DEF Diggers Rest 24

Macedon knew going into this game that it wasn’t going to be a close one, so the game plan was to continue to take these opportunities to develop the depth in this team and starting with a less traditional starting line-up. This line up took some getting use too and the trade off was 9 turnovers by The Cats. There was some crowding, some mis communication and some forced balls being thrown into goals. Macedon’s whole court strength was that after every turnover they quickly converted to defence and recovered 11 balls back. Macedon goalers shot accurately at 100%. Wallan were simply deprived of opportunity and only managed to put 5 goals on the score board to Macedon’s 13. Macedon made a few changes by switching player positions and bringing on fresh players. They discussed the turnovers and the coach wanted smarter play in the wet. With short sharp play Macedon reduced their turnovers to just 4 for the quarter and the accurate goaling continued. Defensive pressure from all 7 players continued and 6 of the 7 players on court directly won back at least one ball. Macedon built on their lead in very wet conditions and had a healthy lead 28 – 10.

By half time the rain started to get a bit heavier, and the court was becoming slippery. It was critical that to build on the lead, Macedon needed to play a short game and use their tall GS Eliza to their advantage. The shared goaling in the first half became dominated by Eliza as Macedon started to find their groove and a more familiar attacking line up took the court. The Cats still threw away a lot of ball but the weather played an impact. The teams defence remained strong with Aleigha in the back line cleaning up and keeping her goal shooter to under 50%. Dels spoiled 4 balls while Wallan struggled to find a clean line to their goalers. Macedon had a 5-goal run to finish the 3 rd quarter 40 to 19.

Another couple of changes to the line up and Macedon reduced their turnovers to just the 2 for the quarter. Eliza was serviced the balls easily by the attackers and although under a lot of pressure, still managed to shoot accurately. Wallan were kept to the 6 goals and an easy victory came Macedon’s

way. 55- 24

Best On: Eliza Petherick

42 goals 2 intercepts 2 gains 1 tip 2 Rebounds

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