Round 4: Macedon Vs Wallan C Grade

Round 4: Macedon Vs Wallan C Grade

Macedon 46 DEF Wallan 10

ur training session that was designed to promote accountability and increase our awareness and positioning down the court. To put that to the test we tried a new combination. We welcomed Nellie back into the team and kept tHe strong combination of her and Susan on in goals. As we were missing Steph, we had an opportunity to try a new line up in the midcourt with Janayah and Abbey. In defence, we welcomed Em back for her first game after injury into WD who was backed up by Shanae and Allira.

What a strong start we had, our defense completely denied Wallan of the ball. We had 10 recoveries from our WD, GD and GK and 67% of the rebounds. Keeping them to the one goal. In attack, we had some miscommunication on the centre pass and feeding into the circle. Ideas were good, execution poor. With 5 turnovers we put pressure on ourselves to win the ball back, but it was great to have Nellie and Abbey step up here and get 3 recoveries. We finished the first quarter up 9-1.

In the second quarter we kept our strong defensive line up who backed up with another solid 8 recoveries. We injected Georgie into centre who added pressure through the middle with 2 intercepts and dominated the feeds and assists with 8. We had 7 turnovers and really struggled to maintain possession in our goal third. Despite a healthy lead at half time of 17-5, we wanted to keep building so a change was made.

In the 3rd quarters, Eloise made her C Grade debut in GK and we pushed Allira out to GD. Allira was strong out front with 5 recoveries and the pair gained possession of all Wallan’s missed shots. Amy lifted her intensity this quarter with 9 goals at 100% while Abbey, Georgie and Nellie shared the assists.

In the last quarter, we hit our stride. With a clear target of 40 goals, we had purpose. Our defensive transitons were flawless. With only 1 turnover for the quarter and another 10 recoveries we had a strong 15 goal run. Janayah was a stand out this quarter with 3 intercepts and critical in bringing the ball safely down the court. We certainlty built as the game went on and I’m very excited to see what we bring this week.

Best On:

Amy Ilic  19 goals 86% accuracy  100% efficiency


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