Round 5: Macedon vs Lancefield B Grade

Round 5: Macedon vs Lancefield B Grade

Macedon 39 DEF BY Lancefield 44

A shock loss for Macedon B grade against Lancefield.
The Cats started with a three – zero lead and looked the goods but very quickly the mistakes crept in and Lancefield squashed Macedon’s confidence. Macedon’s attackers weren’t releasing the ball and there were too many players watching and not participating. All the good defensive work was being undone immediately with a turnover and Lancefield’s turn and pass strategy was working for them.
Lancefield’s GS was dominating, shooting 15 from 16 attempts and we just didn’t have an answer.
We were down 6 goals heading into the second quarter.
G Fearn came on into GS, Ash moved out to WA, Demi F moved into C and Taylah came on into GK.
Changes needed to be made because the Cats were not getting any traction. 6 bad passes from Macedon in their attack, meant everyone had to work extra hard to win the ball back. The defensive
pressure was good, and Macedon was winning ball back but what they did with that ball cost them
on the score board and stopped them getting ahead.
The changes in defence had little impact on Lancefield’s GS and she went on to put up all the shots for Lancefield. Lancefield missed 5 shots were all but one, recovered by Lancefield. The Cats just
weren’t hitting the mark and were struggling to take control of the game and put that score board pressure on. They crawled back and the scores were tie at half time.
The coach made more changes, trying to find the right combination to match Lancefield. G and Eliza
switched position, Demi came back on into WA and Demi Young came back on refreshed into C.
Georgia kept the WD position after an injury to Dels and Ash was moved up the other end to GD. In previous weeks these changes have helped Macedon and the hope clearly was that this would work again and it did. First the first time in the game Macedon took a lead. They reduced the turnovers
and supplied ball to their goalers. The supply was great but The Cats accuracy took a hit with 11 misses. Macedon’s defence really picked up and the pressure they were applying started to affect
Lancefield. Macedon intercepted 6 balls, stopping Lancefield run into the goal third. Their goalers
only out up 7 goals in the 3 rd quarter. A confidence boosts for The Cats and they went into the last quarter 33- 30.
Macedon’s hopes were dashed immediately when Lancefield shot 8 unanswered goals to start the 4 th quarter. 3 bad passes straight out of Macedon’s defence, with another 6 turnovers in the mid
court. With very few recoveries and little ball supply to our goalers Lancefield’s goalers got all the ball and put up 21 shots to Macedon’s 9. Lancefield missed 7 goals and they rebounded all but 1.
Macedon just weren’t good enough today and there is a lot to learn from this performance.
Macedon shot 6 to Lancefield 14 goals in the last quarter.

Votes: Eliza (votes based only on the second quarter performance)

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